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1K Project II

Pretty much the first Machinima animated short I’m posting, which is primarily working with some racing game engine. I’m not sure about the method, but there is about 1000 cars here driving at the same time. It’s pretty cool.

Machinima is a form of 3D animation that uses real time rendering software to finalize. Normal Rendering software is not used for these, which allows production to be quicker. Most Machinima works are done in existing game engines that allows such quick real time rendering.

Some 3D animators expect Machinima to be the future of 3D animation as a whole, though presently, real time rendering engines can’t handle the power that is offered to rendering software that is made for films from Pixar or Dreamworks… but maybe in the future the rendering phase of animation will no longer be a time consuming process, and all things will be done in real time.

Click here to check out the 1K Project II
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